11163410_10101294578002117_4433770326342438463_oGrowing up, I was always reminded to leave a place better than I found it. As an educator, this mantra has been a driving force for me. In my fifth year as an educator I currently have the privilege of teaching AP Research as well as serve as the EdTech Coordinator and Linked Learning Pathways Coordinator at my school in Long Beach, CA. I am passionate about educational technology, college and career readiness, school culture, school leadership and creative teaching. Our world has changed and so must the educational experiences of our students. No longer are teachers the “most knowledgeable” resource in the room; the internet is and it is our job to help students use it productively. This new reality challenges teachers to shift from the “Sage on the stage” model to “Guide on the side.” I have been very fortunate to develop strong professional learning networks (PLNs) both in person and digitally since the start of my career and I hope you will join me as we grow together as educators.

“Believe in the greatness of your students. When you set the bar high they will surpass it and amaze you with their abilities”

“We live in the 21st Century. If we continue to teach like we did in the 1950s, we are not doing the job we are entrusted to do.”

– Edward Steinhauser